Redwood Road Play Area Improvements - Have Your Say!

The Town Council has invited play equipment companies to submit proposals and designs for an updated play area at Redwood Road. The Council’s specification was based on the feedback from the public consultation in October 2023. Two companies have submitted proposals which we are pleased to present. We would love to know what you think of them - what parts you like, how you would improve the designs. Please send us your comments by Friday 5 July 2024 via the following methods:


Tel: 01202 632070

Message us via Facebook

Pop into the Town Council offices at 1 Moorland Parade, Moorland Way to view the larger hard copy plans and pass on your comments to a member of staff. We are open Monday - Wednesday, 9.30am-1.00pm.

The Town Council will select a preferred contractor based on the public feedback and a technical evaluation. Once an order is placed, we hope the work will commence in Autumn 2024.

Redwood Road Play Area - Design 1 

Redwood Road Play Area - Design 2 

Design 1

Design 2