Grant Aid

Deadline for 2023/2024 application is 30 September 2022

Small Grants Assistance (below £3000) to local organisations

Each year Lytchett Minster and Upton Town Council make a limited sum available to help support local community and voluntary organizations. The Council wishes to see such organizations flourish and develop in the Town and grants assistance helps to achieve this objective.

The attached notes will help you establish whether your organisation is eligible to be considered for a grant, and if so, how you apply. They also explain what additional information you need to provide with your application and how any financial assistance given will be paid.

Please read these notes before you complete the enclosed application form and make sure all necessary information is submitted along with your application.

Please print clearly on the application form to make sure it can be easily read. Alternatively you may complete an electronic version, details of which are available on request or via our website.

All applications will be acknowledged in writing within 14 working days. If you do not receive written confirmation within this time, please contact the Office Manager.

Many thanks
Karen Cane
Town Clerk



Important notes to help you complete the application form

Additional information
A copy of your Organisation’s latest audited accounts and balance sheet should accompany the application. In the case of smaller organizations, a recent income and expenditure statement certified by a qualified accountant should be submitted instead. Applicants who are not in a position to provide this supporting financial information must outline the reasons why.

  • Applications for grants over £3000 will only be considered in exceptional circumstances. Grants over £1000 will only be made where an acceptable business plan has been prepared – which sets out how the organisation intends funding its activities over the next three years (or, in the case of large grants for one-off events, for the event itself). The business plan must accompany the completed application form.
  • Please feel free to send any other relevant information along with your completed application form.


Grants will not be made:

  • To organisations situated outside the area administered by Lytchett Minster and Upton Town Council, unless a clear benefit to the inhabitants of the Town can be established. In such cases supporting documentation demonstrating the level of benefit must be provided.
  • To organisations that are socially exclusive, i.e. where there are unreasonable restrictions on membership inconsistent with equal opportunities.
  • To organisations established for political purposes.
  • Where the aims and objectives are inconsistent with the values of the Town Council as set out overleaf.
Additional conditions

  • Successful applicants will be required to mention the receipt of grant assistance on the organisations letterhead as soon as practicable. Organisations with premises will also be required to fix a suitable plaque in a prominent place within its building mentioning the support given by the Town Council.
  • The Council will meet in October/November to decide upon their grant allocations for the following financial year (April).
  • All completed applications are required to be received into the Council offices by 30 September. Applicants are advised to obtain a certificate of posting.
  • Cheques to successful organisations will be posted during April.


The Council believes in:

  • Promoting the well-being of the Town and its people
    This includes respect for people and places, creating a sense of belonging which is so vital to the well-being of all the people in Lytchett Minster and Upton, raising awareness of environmental issues, improving the quality of the environment and encouraging an environmentally friendly ethos.

  • Helping people to help themselves
    The Council will help generate local ideas and responses to address local needs;
    The Council may trigger and nurture ideas itself but, in addition, it will help people to organise and act to sort things out for themselves.

  • Involving others and working in partnership
    We can only understand, learn and respond effectively to the range of problems and issues faced by local communities through partnerships and involving others in the process; in so doing, we will explore new ways of working and expect to draw on help in kind and other resources from a wide range of organisations, groups and individuals.

  • Equality and fairness
    Like most growing towns, Lytchett Minster and Upton is becoming a more diverse place and we welcome the richness and variety this development brings. It is important that all citizens get equal access to the Council and are treated fairly. We will encourage everyone to participate in the decision making process, and will consider all representations made and viewpoints put forward in making decisions and acting on behalf of the community.

  • Being approachable, welcoming, open and honest
    The way in which we work helps to build understanding, trust and confidence in those we work with and for; whatever decisions we reach, we hope that all those involved in the process will support the approach we follow.

  • Simple, commonsense approaches and solutions
    Although we need to recognise the complexity of today’s issues, we must also offer value for money and be efficient so that scarce resources can be channeled to where they are most needed.