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 Please beware

A resident has asked us to make our community aware that someone tried to steal her father's dog which was tied up outside one of the shops in the Triangle whilst he popped in to get something.  Please be vigilant! 



Upton Recreation Ground - Update Wednesday 1 August 2018

Our Recreation Ground looks lovely this morning. All clean and tidy!  Gate is secure although we are looking at further options to improve this.


Recreation Ground 010818


Please see flyers below for activities taking place on the ground over the summer - all free to attend. Hopefully lots of people will attend and use this fabulous amenities space for community good. 




 Proposed Zebra Crossing - Dorchester Road, Upton 

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 As from 1 November 2017 a charge will be made for the Certification of a Document.  Please click here for details.





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